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How we work

Three levels

InterSumus is known for an approach respecting the specific character and the DNA of companies.  InterSumus flexible approach supports this. 

InterSumus offers its services at three levels:  

  • Pre-mediation: mediating tensions or dormant difficulties (in order to prevent conflicts)  

  • Mediation: mediating in real conflicts, tailor-made and according to the wishes of the parties involved in order to arrive at a sustainable solution that is feasible for both parties 

  • Post-mediation: providing aftercare to the company and it remains connected to support the sustainability of the solution and a proper implementation (the aftercare)


In this way, InterSumus helps to resolve business disputes out of court and it also ensures a connection with the companies. This provides clarity in the long term. 

Way of working in pre- and post-mediation

In pre-mediation and post-mediation, Intersumus and the client work out a methodology that best suits the issues and corporate culture. This can take the form of drafting a family charter or shareholder agreement, or a board mandate or joining the advisory board, etc. Even a role as a mentor can be considered.

Way of working in mediation

Intersumus always follows a fixed pattern for mediation:

  • Based on the issues outlined, a team of two mediators is appointed. Either these are two of the partners, but often it is composed of one of the partners with one associate from the InterSumus network. That associate has also received recognised training anyway and is selected based on his relevant knowledge regarding the conflict.

  • The first step in mediation is a so-called caucus. Here, a preliminary and confidential conversation is planned with each of the parties individually. This broader understanding allows to optimally direct and prevent or resolve blockages with appropriate interventions. It also avoids unnecessary waste of time.

  • After the caucus, a first mediation session is held with all parties together. This is the traditional route, but given the preliminary process with the caucus, this can be quick.

  • Only if the first session is not fully successful, additional sessions will be convened.

The reason for working this way is mainly time and cost optimisation. Most parties in a business mediation have little time and are highly solution-oriented. This also allows to offer the process, including the first round of mediation at a fixed price.

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