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InterSumus was founded by experienced professionals who still are active in the business world (see also 'who we are?'). In addition, Intersumus has a wide network of associates, each with their own field of expertise. This allows InterSumus to always appoint a duo with expertise.


InterSumus is not an all-around mediation firm. It concentrates on corporate mediation and does not take on family or civil cases. This allows intersumus to keep its focus sharp.

Before, during, after

InterSumus accompanies the parties before, during and after their conflict. Intersumus therefore not only works on mediation, but also has a pre-mediation and post-mediation service.

Beyond mediation

InterSumus allows clients a choice in terms of mediation strategy. Either they choose traditional mediation by one of our accredited mediators that can lead to court-approved, enforceable solutions. Or they choose a more informal mediation leading to a 'handshake' or 'contractual agreement' out of court. In each case, the solution must be sustainable, understanding and acceptable to both parties.

Way of working

Intersumus has developed a working method that allows for conflict mediation at short notice and at a pre-agreed cost (see also 'how we work').

No law firm

InterSumus  does not offer legal services itself. InterSumus collaborates with the lawyers of the parties involved to elaborate specific agreements where needed.

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Our Differentiators

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