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What we do

Before, during and after

InterSumus is an independent and certified mediator that helps companies to find extrajudicial, sustainable solutions to resolve tensions, disputes and conflicts. It offers business mediation on three different levels: before (avoiding conflicts), during (mediating tailored to the parties involved) and afterwards (aftercare).

Companies often must deal with tensions, struggles, and with acute or dormant disputes. This can include internal tensions (unaligned interests of stakeholders, conflicts in family businesses, tensions between directors, breach of trust between partners, etc.), and external problems (unfair competition, disagreements after acquisitions, contractual disputes, etc.). These tensions often cause frictions among employees, directors, customers, suppliers or financiers. And might lead to an escalation resulting in conflicts. That's bad for all parties involved. No one benefits from this.


InterSumus wants to guide companies to prevent and resolve such conflicts. It facilitates conversations in the event of dormant tensions, to prevent an emerging conflict. If conflicts arise, InterSumus helps, as a neutral and recognized mediator, to find lasting solutions to the mutual consent of the parties involved. Once the conflict is resolved, InterSumus supports the companies to ensure the sustainability of the solution.


InterSumus' mission is to bring clarity, before, during and after business related conflicts.


InterSumus wants to be the Belgian reference in terms of business mediation. It offers sustainable business mediation with expertise. Independent, involved, listening, steering where needed, looking for a solution that benefits both parties in the long term. Intersumus can rely on an extremely broad experience of the founding partners Wout Coppens, Jan De Meester and Delphine Vandenabeele. Their combined expertise includes family businesses, start-ups, scale-ups and large international companies. But in addition, Intersumus has a brought network of associates with specific business expertise.


InterSumus is “in between”: before, during and after a business conflict.

What are the benefits?

Mediation with expertise ​ brings sustainable benefits:

  • No losers :  Mediation 'stands in between', and because of the open way of communicating, it strives for a solution that both parties can agree on. If both parties are satisfied with the solution, that solution is also sustainable. There are no losers.   

  • Restored relationships :  A solution obtained through mediation heals the wounds better than the court-enforced verdict. Thanks to mediation, the conflicting parties might be able to get along afterwards.   

  • Attention to the company and the people :  Where tensions (open or dormant) often affect the financial results of a company and the energy of the people within a company, a mediating conversation provides clarity, the understanding of each other's point of view and it reduces tension. The company and their people are always at the epicenter, not the tensions and their negative impact.

  • Cost and time efficient : Mediation is by far a lot quicker and cheaper alternative to court or arbitration.

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