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Why Mediation

What is mediation?

Mediation is a way to resolve conflicts beyond court. This approach is getting a more common approach in private matters (think of divorces and neighbor conflicts). Both parties are trying to find a solution to the problem in a joint, amicable way without pushing the matter to the limit. Whether or not referred by the court, they voluntarily opt for mediation and call on a certified mediator: someone who listens to both parties and commits them to define a solution through dialogue in which both parties can agree. The detailed solution of the conflict is put down on paper and – if the parties so agree – formalized in a 'mediation agreement', which can then be homologated, to become legally enforceable.


Besides, also companies have tensions, problems or disputes. These can also be solved through mediation. Also in this situation, both parties must be willing to listen to each other, to communicate clearly and honestly. Mediation strives for a solution that is acceptable and sustainable for both parties. In theory, the result of a business mediation can be approved by the court, but that is not necessary: mediation can also result in informal agreement. 

What are the benefits?

Mediation with expertise ​ brings sustainable benefits:

  • No losers :  Mediation 'stands in between', and because of the open way of communicating, it strives for a solution that both parties can agree on. If both parties are satisfied with the solution, that solution is also sustainable. There are no losers.   

  • Restored relationships :  A solution obtained through mediation heals the wounds better than the court-enforced verdict. Thanks to mediation, the conflicting parties might be able to get along afterwards.   

  • Attention to the company and the people :  Where tensions (open or dormant) often affect the financial results of a company and the energy of the people within a company, a mediating conversation provides clarity, the understanding of each other's point of view and it reduces tension. The company and their people are always at the epicenter, not the tensions and their negative impact.

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